The Cuccuru family

No worries… you’re at Alkira Lodge!

We have Australia in our hearts. And most of all the friendliness and sociability, the pleasure of sharing, helping and staying with others typical of the people of Queensland.

Could it be otherwise after having spent a long and joyful part of our lives downunder? In fact, our parents, Costantino and Graziella, both very young Italian migrants, met and married there and there is where we, Piero and Antonella, were born and raised, living out our teenage years.
When, in 1979, we returned to Sardinia, here in Alghero, a significant part of our memories and affections remained there, along with the many relatives and friends still residing in Australia.

"Let the friendly and jovial spirit of your Australian hosts contage you "

Antonella, Graziella, Piero

Don’t be surprised to find that along with our native language (aussie) we have brought to this small, ancient and proud Sardinian island the friendly, tolerant and relaxed lifestyle of the larger multiethnical Australian island.

No worries, mate”.

It is with this spirit that we welcome our guests to the Alkira Lodge; besides accommodation, we love to offer our hosts a pleasant and serene stay where our unobtrusive availability is a benefit in helping you make your holiday in charming Alghero carefree and unforgettable.

Alkira: a tribute to ancient Aboriginal wisdom

The sky in Australia is like no other sky. It is infinite. It is immense. And it is blue. We brought it here with us, in our hearts, finding the same intense colour in the sky and sea of Sardinia.

Intense, alive, authentic, addictive like no other blue. A blue that unites two very different lands so far apart but in their own way so very similar with their spectacular landscapes.

Alkira the blue sky of the aboriginal people, to whose extraordinary and millenary culture we have dedicated our Lodge and Apartments: the sea view of Iluka, Talia, near the water, the softness and lightness of a leaf for Kirra, and the magical moments of dusk for Tau.

This is Alkira: a limitless blue sky, symbol of harmony, peace and freedom to enjoy your stay with us at our Lodge.